Although we are fully prepared to bring the power of our entire agency to bear in an investigation initiated by a member of the general public, typically our services focus around domestic issues.

In the case of a domestic dispute, many people consider hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance, with the predictable results of grainy, poor, or no video, high cost for questionable information, and very little in the way of undeniable proof.

Using computer forensics will cost approximately the same amount of money, but the computer does not lie. We can capture emails, text messages, online chats, and other correspondence that cannot be denied.

The client must understand that in most jurisdictions, both in Canada and the United States, specific evidence of infidelity has no bearing on settlements or alimony amounts. Where this forensic evidence becomes useful is in times of custody battles which hinge around the actions of a parent and the detriment it may have on the children. A great example of this is evidence that the spouse is surfing pornographic websites on an unsecured computer that the children could accidentally stumble upon. As well, you cannot put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing for sure.

Due to the high cost of computer forensics, we have customized a special “domestics” package that includes our full service computer forensic analysis, but focused only on the allocated space (actual resident files) on the computer. This would include items such as websites visited, emails, chat sessions, and other encrypted files. The cost for this is a flat $1500.00 per hard drive. Understand that this package does NOT include the analysis of unallocated file space where potentially recoverable, deleted data resides.