There are two facets to this area of practice. Support for the Prosecution, and support for the Defense. We are comfortable working in either area, although because law enforcement technical crimes units typically support the Prosecution, we are not often asked to be involved. Having said that, we constantly offer our assistance to all law enforcement agencies. Our agency understands that budgeting and workloads make it incredibly difficult for departments to send their officers to training courses. This is why we continually offer free training sessions to the law enforcement community.

In supporting the Defense, it can often be very difficult to find a computer forensics expert. The simple reason is that an examiner working for the defense is considered to be the bad guy, especially in cases involving possession of child pornography. We have been involved in a number of these cases, and on far more than one occasion, we have seen evidence mishandled, and/or misinterpreted. We have provided expert assistance and have successfully proven defendants to be innocent.

The data doesn’t lie. It is either there, or it is not. If it is misinterpreted by law enforcement, an innocent person can go to jail. We do not employ the use of farcical defense theories such as “…The virus must have done it”, or “somebody else must have done it”, unless we have proven that they occurred or may have occurred. Our analysis is objective, and the data will bear out the truth.

We have also assisted in criminal defense matters ranging from arson to murder.